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The ERC Program is not widely publicized and many qualifying companies are simply unaware of its potential. We make the ERC process simple and get our clients the maximum tax credit possible.

You can help these companies receive these ERC benefits by simply referring them to us. If they qualify and use our service, you will then receive a substantial referral fee.
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What Is ERC?
ERC (Employee Retention Credit) was passed in March 2020, to help small to midsize companies cope with government COVID regulations. It made available up to $5000.00 per employee in 2020 to business that qualified. It was widely expanded in 2021 up to $7000.00 per employee, per quarter, excluding quarter 4. This makes a total available ERC up to $26,000.00 per employee for 2020 and 2021. 

This is a tax credit and does not require pay back. Companies that qualify are allowed to amend their 941 returns to get full the benefit back to the start in 2020.
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Our Service
Our team specializes in helping small to midsize companies recover the maximum available ERC, with as little business disruption as possible.

We start by offering a Free ERC evaluation to make sure the company qualifies. After the company qualifies, they simply upload all needed payroll data to our ERC team. Our specialists then prepare all 941x amended returns for filing. After the IRS processes the returns, payment is received directly by the company.

Our ERC experts do all of the work, the intitled company receives the ERC payment, and you receive a referral fee. It’s just that simple.
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Sample Referral Fee
Company Information

Name : Electronic Assembly Co.
Gross Revenue: $6,000,000
Total Employees: 50

Description: This business was affected by COVID-19 government restrictions and supply chain shortages which qualifies them for ERC.
Referral Information

Total ERC Amount: $895,000
Total ERC Referral Fee Paid: $16,000
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